Intro To The Land

In this inaugural creative instalment from the Director’s Chair, Marie Clements invites us to immerse in learning the visual vocabulary of the land and the people.

Each scene in Red Snow was shot to demonstrate a view of the world that understands that the stakes for survival are swift and absolute.  Marie worked closely with her cinematographers Robert Aschmann (the desert) and Roger Vernon (the Arctic) to create a sense of expansion in time. In these extreme landscapes how you react can save you or kill you, amplifying the possibility of you inhaling and hopefully getting to exhale.

There are distinct rhythms to culture and land and there is something inherently dramatic about a collision of First peoples. The tension, built frame by frame can expand horizons, and in the next moment be captured by the most of intimate of gestures; an expression of deep love, a hatred that has no regrets, a tilt of a cheekbone that has no words but says everything, a look that caught and bartered on. – Marie Clements