Red Snow and the Community

The Far North meets the Middle East in a journey that lays bare the land, blood ties, and two ancient cultures that collide to re-imagine a future born of 10,000 words for snow. Red Snow illustrates the complex balance between land and humanity, belief and identity, how our environment defines us in an extraordinary way – but in translation – also unifies us as “the people”. Who are the people of Red Snow?

 Dene – “The People”

Pashtun – “The Mountain People”

Inuvialuktun – “The Real People”

“The People in Red Snow are still in a direct relationship with how they move in the world,” says Marie. “How they see themselves is reflected in the sky, in snow that can be dust, in a land that can be desert or tundra, a ski-doo or motorcycle, a face concealed or revealed, extreme cold or extreme heat.“

The people of Red Snow also include the cast, crew and larger community who supported the making of the film. We asked, how many cultures around the world are represented by theRed Snow cast and crew? We are still counting!