Asana – Miika Whiskeyjack

Miika plays the role of Asana, Dylan’s first love.

Miika Whiskeyjack is a Cree young woman from the Saddle Lake First Nation. She began performing at the age of 7 in dance and film. Miika is a trained dancer in contemporary, jazz, tap, ballet and her cultural dance, fancy shawl. Miika landed her very first audition for the role of Wendy Bull in the television series Blackstone for 5 seasons. Miika got her first film role in Jeff Barnaby’s Rhymes for Young Ghouls which filmed in Montreal QC. She has also appeared in the LaLaloopsy Franchise as Fariy Z, the production of Ancestors and Elders and countless commercials. Miika most currently wrapped Monkey Beach. A novel to film adaptation which she is thrilled to be apart of.

Red Snow was one of the most challenging roles to date for Miika as she had to learn the Inuvialuktun language for her character, Asana as well as dive into themes that affect Indigenous youth and communities today. Miika feels humbled and in gratitude she is able to express herself though many mediums of the arts. She feels it is a way to ignite social change through the messages her expression conveys and wants other Indigenous youth to remain rooted in who they are. There is strength in those histories and stories. With love, Miika.