Dylan – Asivak Koostachin

The role of Dylan Nadazeau, a Gwich’in soldier from Canada’s Arctic is Asivak’s first starring role in a feature film. Born in Ottawa in 1994, his family moved to Toronto in 1996 where he grew up and started acting lessons with the Young People’s Theatre. At 12 he landed his first role in a national television commercial for Health Canada. Just 2 years later, Asivak was among other youth across the country to become one of the National Indigenous Role Models. The group of 12 went on to share their stories with communities, and inspire other Indigenous youth to persue their dreams. The eldest of 5 brothers, he currently lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is of mixed ancestry, Cree from Attawapiskat First Nation and Inuk From Inuvik, Northwest Territories, with blood ties to Norway and Ireland as well. TV and Film has been a part of Asivak’s family from a very young age. At 17, he starred in his first TV series on APTN Askiboyz along side his younger brother Mahiigan. The show was also directed by his mother Jules who has produced and directed a number of Indigenous projects.

From there on out he has been consistently pursuing the craft of acting. That path has Lead him to Appear in multiple critically acclaimed Television series “Cardinal” & “Leterkenny” and Starring as the lead in a Canadian Feature Film “Red Snow” as well as two supporting roles in the features “Portraits From a Fire” (Trevor Mack) & “Running Home” (Zoe Hopkins). For the entirety of Asivak’s life he has been immersed within in Cree Culture, speaking Cree in his early years and participating in Ceremony throughout his life to this very day. He believes that weaving the old ways with the new will be an essential part of moving forward through this world in a good way. 

Some of Asivak’s projects that followed Red Snow, were Hudson & Rex, – playing a young indigenous m-an protesting against unethical water bottling companies. Molly of Denali, – voice of main characters older brother who is studying at college.  Two other supporting roles in features, Portraits From a Fire (Trevor Mack) and Running Home. (Zoe Hopkins) All indigenous stories being told, incredible!

Red Snow was my first big project,which has set the stage for me as an actor, the bar is high. Shout out to Marie for being a beacon of light as we all try to walk the good path on this land.