Red Snow’s Mozhdah Featured on The Guardian

Our beautiful and talented Mozhdah Jamalzadah, who plays ‘Khatira’ in Red Snow was featured on The Guardian today.

The article goes into Mozhdah’s life leading up to her new book Voice of Rebellion and her role in the film Red Snow.

She returned to Canada wanting to give up. “I was like ‘it’s over. How stupid was I to think that I could make a difference?’ Then slowly I had to get myself out of that darkness and, and realise, no, I can’t let them defeat me.” She started thinking: “I could do so much more from here, and it doesn’t have to be The Mozhdah Show.”

– Mozhdah Jamalzadah and Saner, E. (2019, October 30). The Guardian.

The feature is super inspiring and thought-provoking and we are so proud of Mozhdah!

Read the full article here.