Zhoh Daatsik Sessions: Introduction

From the Red Snow team, we hope all are staying healthy and well inside your homes. We want to extend gratitude to all our essential service heros including health care workers, cleaners, grocery stores and everyone contributing to the wellbeing of our society.

Earlier this month, with the release of our film in select Canadian theatres, we released exclusive special webisode sessions on our website. Each week on our blog, we will be sharing a spotlight on each episode and artist.

Zhoh Daatsik Sessions are a series of 10 webisodes filmed live at Monarch Studios in Vancouver. It features musicians and vocalists to collaborate on the original soundscore of our film Red Snow.

The film, written and directed by Marie Clements, is composed by the talented Wayne Lavallee. Check out the first webisode of the series: Introduction, here to learn more about the music, background, vocalists, and see our musicians bring this to life.

We hope you tune in each Thursday to listen and watch and enjoy the art produced by our very own Red Snow team. During a global pandemic, humanity and cultures are coming together and we hope our art can do that as well. We need your support by sharing these with your family and friends and engaging with us on our social media!