Zhoh Daatsik Sessions: Power – Episode 4

This week we are presenting episode 4 in our Zhoh Daatsik Sessions – Power

Composed by Wayne Lavallee, this episode is featuring Mozhdah Jamalzadah, Red Snow actress and musician. It explores the importance of speaking up for those who can’t. We get to learn about Mozhdah’s connection to the movie and why it was important to her.

Zhoh Daatsik Sessions are a series of 10 webisodes filmed live at Monarch Studios in Vancouver. It features musicians and vocalists to collaborate on the original soundscore of our film Red Snow.

We have musicians such as Majid Qiyam, Marina Hasselberg, Amanda Lee Murray, Cheri Maracle, Mozhdah Jamalzadah, and Stephan Kakfwi, coming together to create original sounds combining different cultural backgrounds.

You can watch the film from the comfort of your homes on Apple TV! 

Be sure to check out the official Red Snow movie soundtrack on Spotify and Apple Music!