Red Snow Opening Weengushk International Film Festival for Online Programming

Third annual Northern Indigenous film festival moves online! We are pleased to announce Red Snow will be kicking off the festival and playing opening night!

The Weengushk International Film Festival (WIFF) is pleased to officially announce the program for our 2020 festival! For the first time, from July 9th
to 12th, 2020, we will be moving the festival online. WIFF is a celebration of Indigenous and diverse storytelling through film. The festival brings together industry veterans, new and emerging independent filmmakers, for a film festival that is entirely experienced online.

WIFF 2020 Press Release

On July 9th at 7:00, the Opening Night Event features a special opening from Ontario Regional Chief Rose Anne Archibald, the dramatic adventure Red Snow, a Q/A with director Marie Clements, a keynote messages from Director of the Indigenous Screen Office Jesse Wente, and a special live performance by award winning blues singer/songwriter Crystal Shawanda.

WIFF features a number of free events airing on Facebook Live and Youtube Live. Friday night features a live music performance from acclaimed artist Leland Bell and Saturday night offers a live performance from singer songwriter Nick Sherman. All of the musicians performing throughout the weekend are from Northern Ontario! Throughout the weekend, there will be 6 live online workshops on topics ranging from producing, documentary filmmaking, and Telefilm funding.

“Telling Indigenous stories is more important now than ever. Our program reflects our voices, supports and celebrates Indigenous  filmmakers, crew, artists, musicians and communities.  With the pandemic and racism and social injustice at the forefront, we knew we had to take our festival online this year to offer these amazing voices to audiences around the world.”

WIFF Artistic Director Dr. Shirley Cheechoo C.M

For the full program and ticket details, visit the Weengushk International Film Festival website